Following in Hercule’s footsteps


The myth of Hercules has spanned the ages for millennia; under cover of allegorical adventures, it presents a vision of the human and the world that each one can hear, understand and integrate.

Throughout his journey, Hercules sows clues for us that shed light on the ordeals we experience individually and collectively.

In the light of this new look, our epics take on meaning. We realise that they are part of a story we contribute to creating and that we in turn are conditioned by. Knowing it helps free ourselves and finding the note of essential and the freedom of being it confers when held.

This book offers an original interpretation of the myth, inspired by the work of Alice Bailey and by an esoteric psychological approach. Each chapter illustrates, through an applied spirituality, the various situations of daily life. The labours offer an overview of the path that each man, each woman must walk to grow in humanity.

Everyone will recognise and understand themselves more broadly in order to reach, at their own pace, full development.

The collection ‘Where is the World Going’ offers insightful perspectives that we hope will contribute, with your help, to the common good.


ISBN: 978-2-491161-12-5
Publication éditions Solid’Air: 04-2023
272 pages
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